Throw Up to Glow Up - How To Upgrade Your Makeup Looks.


Have you ever looked at your finished makeup look in the mirror and wondered -

 'Where did I go wrong?'

Don't worry because we're here to teach you a few tricks we've learned over the years.

An Open Letter To Louise Pentland.


Dear Louise,

I've been meaning to write this for a really long time. In essence, this letter is a thank you to you for all that you are and all that you do and when best to share it than on International Women's Day.

There are many people in this industry with huge influence and incredible opportunities to make a real difference but instead of actively trying to positively influence people's lives, they choose to be ignorant and circulate generic crap that no one can truly learn from. 
Sure, we all appreciate a good quote but when that's someone's sole contribution to positivity and encouragement it falls pretty short especially when it falls alongside basic ignorance and failure to accept one's privilege.

Worth the Watch?: Isn't it Romantic


Just a quick post for you today and it's a mini review of a film I watched recently: Isn't it Romantic

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Brief Synopsis:

Due to her cynical outlook on love, Natalie goes pretty much unnoticed in her day-to-day life. All that changes when she is knocked unconscious and wakes up in her nightmare world- A Rom-com, where she is the leading lady.